Monday, 7 May 2018

Bank Holiday Monday

7th May 2018

Hot & Sunny

As the weatherman predicted, it was a very hot and sunny day for the five BAG volunteers who turned in for work today.
We had some early arrivals over Broadway at 7.30am. They were not stopping for a train!


Vic was doing his bit in clearing the grass and weeds from around the flower beds at the bottom of the drive.

The special arrangement at the north end of Platform 1 has burst into bloom.

Bridge Strike

As reported on BBC West Midlands News, our bridge had suffered yet another lorry hit. Damage to Zig Zag sign and bits left behind can be seen in the next two photos.

Café and Kitchen

John C was busy fitting skirting boards and a frame around the kitchen entrance.

Sorry about the fuzzy picture, my phone battery was running low.


A team of three, Terry, Rod & John S, were leveling the ground, fitting edging and laying slabs to finish off the area at the north end of the station building.

Rod was moving so fast!!!!


As it was a Bank Holiday, trains were running according to the Red Timetable so lots of passenger's disembarked to go into Broadway Village. Either to walk or catch the Shuttle Bus.

Dinmore Manor arriving from Cheltenham.


Several passengers, whilst waiting for the next train, sat on the platform edge. We need some more benches was the request. Sponsors wanted!!

End of The Line

Vic (Your Blog Reporter)


  1. I see the north end siding has already started to become a dumping ground for old wagons!

    1. Extremely valuable wagons actually.

    2. Oh I don't doubt it, but if they start to look as if they're ready for the scrapyard it's not going to create a very favourable impression!

    3. So what do you suggest should be done then? The wagons/vans in question were purchased for use on the Railway and may, or may not, be owned by individuals. I presume most of them were originally in the Toddington North headshunt along with 76077 which is being restored at Loughborough.

    4. I dont know what all the fuss is about. Every country station had a wagon or 2 parked on a headshunt, somewhere. To me it looks "right".
      Its not like its a line of scrap carriages, ir anything.

    5. Nothing wrong with wagons as such, as long as they're in a presentable condition. Some heritage railways have 'parked' wagons that look as if they OUGHT to be in a scrapyard because they've been neglected and allowed to deteriorate. (and yes, I stick by the word 'dumped'in that respect) That's the point I was trying to make, not that they should be got rid of!

    6. If be a bit more inclined to wander down with a wire brush and tin of paint if they were actually visible, but you can hardly notice them way up there. Just because they look a little tatty doesn't mean they should be scrapped - some of those are part of the P'way train that built the Broadway extension!

  2. Get your Platform benches from GWR Benches at Moreton ,the sooner we have the café the better with chairs and tables funded from Stratford Railway Ggroup ,customers sitting down on the floor is not good news .john M.

    1. Hopefully you will go for the 3 support versions to match those under the canopy. Please could you post the details of how people can sponsor these.

    2. Talk to Jo. He arranged for our other benches.

    3. Anna T - Carr9 May 2018 at 18:42

      I second this request. As someone who lived in Springfield Lane and walked my dogs along this track bed for years, prior to the station rebuild, I feel an affinity with the place. I would be up for sponsoring a bench if the cost is not too prohibitive? Anna T-Carr

    4. Ditto Pauls reply- Jo has my details. I'd be interested in helping out.

      Barry Matthews

  3. Wonderful pictures in great weather.
    Now where I live in Cornwall; it's not noted for hot, sunny weather, but WOW; it sure was hot yesterday and today. Cornish Riviera INDEED! I'm informed that it will get back to normal now until the end of the week (wet and cool), and then it's anybody's guess! You do have better weather (on average), so I hope it keeps nice for you at Broadway.
    Regards, Paul.

  4. Lovely pictures. One can almost smell the aromas of a country station in summer.
    Looking at the last one, and seeing the new growth beginning to take length, reminds me of all the herculean effort put in on taming the cutting sides last year. This year, with the track laid, would a long reach, rail mounted flail cutter be a workable alternative?

    1. Yes I do hope you can keep the vegitiation on the embankments in check. Perhaps the BAG team could borrow the flail mower from the Lineside Drainage team.

    2. There is a line side clearance team going down the track side hopefully they will tend this end.

    3. Given the length of the line side that needs keeping in check I am guessing that you’ll have a long wait before they reach Broadway and then probably only once a year if you are lucky. I suspect that the embankment will need a few cuts to encourage it to go back to grass as it would have been in steam days. I am only sorry that I cannot come to help do it for you.