Thursday, 8 December 2016

Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Volunteers !

7th December 2016

A bright, dry & much warmer day (+10c at start) greeted our 22 volunteers.
Normal bricklaying duties resumed with John S & Bob W on facework at the southern half of the station building. Clive & Peter Q were busy on internal blockwork.

Brian was busy cutting "specials" again for the brickies, until the water cooling pump gave up.

We took delivery of 92 lengths of cast iron guttering which, with the help of a few trips by Rod & dumper, were put safely into storage. These will eventually be used around the station building.

Electrician, Andrew C came in today to install trunking & wiring in the signal box locking room. The wiring goes out to each lamp post on platform 2 & now leads through the trunking to a new junction box. Eventually a permanent power supply will reach this junction box.

Our intrepid fencers (must be of Olympic standard by now) Terry, Rod & Pat had another successful day installing fence posts alongside the station approach.

Keith G was found working intently on his knees in Julie's gift shop. No, he wasn't setting a mouse trap, he was assembling another shelf .

David H built a box to house a new, large memory, recording machine for the security cameras.

Later in the day David H & Brian T rewired a pair of security cameras which oversee the signal box & gift shop.

Dave B was working down near the Evesham road, on the Evesham side of the railway bridge. He was marking out post positions & assessing a level for new palisade fencing, to be erected shortly.

What's this ? Our boss Roger B was spotted later in the day, outside & using a drill-driver!
I think the Private sign was for the gate leading into our work site, not for his office.

OK. We can't forget our painters, who couldn't paint today as the items were still too damp.
But they occupied themselves in helping out around the site. Here they are "helping":

Vic spent his day rebuilding the garden retaining wall where lamppost installations had encroached.

Last, but not least John C produced this brick arch over the porch on the platform side of the station building. The porch will lead to disabled & ladies toilets. The fantastic blazing low sun was shining straight up the track onto our picture.

Paul Carter

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Jack Frost strikes

Wednesday 30th November

25 people, with nothing better to do, turned up at Broadway today on a coldish day when the ambient temperature stubbornly refused to rise to a level where things like bricklaying would be possible. A temperature of 5 deg C and rising is the minimum requirement for bricks.

This left many of us with little choice but to seek employment on jobs that we knew needed doing but until now could safely be left until the following week when hopefully some-else would grasp the nettle.

Tidying up - that awful phrase - poked its head above the parapet and we were sucked in. The trackbed was the area that needed our attention, particularly north of the station.

This area has been a bit of a dumping ground over the months and years, although we have been a bit more careful lately, so there were many items that had to re-located. But before covering that subject there were a few things on the construction side to highlight

Dave H & Peter Q spent the first hour or so setting up the levels for the footbridge staircase footings and were looking quite pleased with themselves that they had got it somewhere near. The level is one metre above the platform surface, gauged from the top of the coping slabs, and this will allow our bridges engineer to set the levels for the shuttering for the footings.

Graham borrowed the carpenter's workshop and, with Mike's help, spent the day painting or priming pieces of metal, depending on what was put in front of him. An undercoat on the pair of gates for the signal box were first in the queue followed by an etch/ primer on the station lamp cases that we had had in stock for a while. Obviously weather doesn't stop painting but does Graham look like he's enjoying it?

Vic spent the morning with Terry, Pat and Rod on the new wooden fencing along the drive. Vic fitted the rails while the other three worked on planting of more of the posts.

Terry bores the hole for an intermediate post, in the required position, using the auger. The auger has made the fencing work so much easier. After a couple of trial fits and a bit more work with the auger the post is ready for the final adjustment.

Pat is the one entrusted with the final delicate adjustments to ensure that the post is upright in both planes and is level with the string line which can just be made out across the right of the photo. All that is needed to complete is a small amount of postcrete in the hole, one advantage of using the auger is that the hole is no bigger than absolutely necessary.

Elsewhere on site.

The clean up progressed, a bonfire was able to be started using some add bits of scrap wood lying around. One of the fires is burning a few feet up the cutting side, this was not by accident but in the hope that the heat generated would cause the surrounding brambles catch fire also. No such luck! The brambles were virtually untouched. Plan B?

Some lamp posts of the 'corporation' type had been lying on the ground in various areas of the site and the opportunity was taken to gather them into central point. Tony is guiding one of the posts while John C drives the 360 digger steadily along the trackbed.

A quantity of Celcon blocks had been purchased in advance of their anticipated usage on platform 2 so part of the job today was to move them and a pallet full of bricks off the trackbed onto the platform nearer where they will be eventually used. The point of this gradual clearing of the trackbed is that when the P/way appear over the horizon we will not have a last minute panic to clear the way for them.

Mentioning P/way leads to the activity today on the south side of the Station Road. Contractors were busy clearing and levelling a site ready to take deliveries of several lorry loads of new ballast. The plan is that the ballast will be tipped here by the lorries and in the following couple of weeks it will then be transported up to where it's needed by a couple of dumper trucks loaded by JCB Steve.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Posts Everywhere

Wednesday 23rd November

On a dank typical November day 22 volunteers spent the day on various projects.
Graham and Mike set about installing the final lamp post on the far side of the station forecourt. With the hole dug out ready they are threading the cable with a drawstring before the post is stood upright and concreted in.

The post, now upright, has been set in concrete and the cable drawn through to the small chamber in the foreground to be later connected to the feed from the station.

Later on the duo got back to a job they regularly do, painting. A coat of primer being applied to the posts erected last week. By the end of the day all had been primed.

After weeks of cutting bricks with a disc saw it was decided to hire a proper brick cutter. Much easier on the backs of the crew who take turns at this onerous task. Very dusty and dirty, though now with the water bath on the cutter not quite so bad. Mike S and David were the barrow pushers and with Paul on the mixer the brickies were kept supplied.


Up on the scaffolding Tony and Bob carried on with raising the walls on the southern platform side of the station building. Peter Q on the inside fetching the blockwork up getting ready for the next set of joists to go on.

Also on the inside Clive is loading his trestle with some more concrete blocks to carry on building up the false chimney piece.

It's nice to see someone happy in their work, Clive about to lay the blocks pre loaded on the trestle.

Down the drive the fencing continued. Vic is taking the rails off the old fence to give himself room to fit the rails to the new posts. From the new post in the centre, by Vic's left hand, a panel of spear fencing will be made to join onto the original which will eventually be refurbished.
The fence has had to be set back further to allow for more of a sweep in the entrance to comply with planning regulations.

 Rod and Terry checking the level of the first section up the drive. The finished level of the drive will be at the level of the bottom flange of the lamppost. The fence posts have to be set so that the tops are at the correct height above the finished drive level.

After some more setting out with a post installed further up the drive,  a line is attached at the top and a line set at finished drive level which allows the incline to be catered for. Terry using the auger for the next post hole.
At the end of play five main posts and six intermediates had been erected and the rails across the front section attached.


Again other tasks were taking place during the day. Dave H, Mike and Brian helped our bridge engineer, John B, lay out the positions of the footbridge steps foundations. John C, among other jobs, helped by Rod and Terry fitted a heavy duty manhole cover to the main drainage chamber for the station.
Steve and Julie manned the sales shed, Julie seen on the long trek to get essential supplies.

                                 Finally a picture of the Christmas themed table in the sales shed. 

Pictures Paul C, posted Rod W

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The First Post!!

Wednesday 16th November

The day had started cold and bright, but by lunch time it had changed back to the usual cold and damp. A lunchtime shower kept a few in the mess hut a bit longer than usual but a majority of the 26 volunteers who attended today just wanted to get on with the ongoing tasks.

Last Saturday saw the remaining palisades fitted to the fencing on the east side (Cotswold side).

When one fence ends another one is started, this time at the bottom of the driveway!

This was the first of the three wooden posts that Rod, Terry and Pat installed at the bottom of the drive. The fence line had earlier been traced out by Gordon and Dave B, and will follow the line of the lamps towards the station building.

With our mini digger John C out of action (get well soon John), it was back to the old method of manhandling.

Three lamps were due to be installed opposite the station building. Firstly a number of bodies were needed to lift the lamps onto the dumper. Normally carried out by one man and a mini digger! 

Then looking like an intimation tank off "Dad's Army" it was driven by Rod to the station car park where the holes had had to be dug by hand by Graham, Steve and Mike. Again normally dug by a mini digger!

Mike and Steve digging deep!
A bit more manhandling and a lamp has been erected Graham, seen below, connecting it to the previously installed duct.

Rain after lunch prevented the third lamp from being installed but people moved onto doing other things.

Graham went back to painting the lamps on platform 2.

Around the Station building

Dave, Ian, Mike and many others continually cut or supply bricks to the bricklayers at the cafe end of station building. Cement was again mixed by Paul and internal scaffolding adjusted by Keith. Today Bob and Tony were on the reds and the internal block laying was done by Clive and Pete Q. 

Seen here, Pete trying to catch up to the height of the external red bricks, elsewhere the block work in the ladies toilets was at a height that Dave H and Mike could carry on installing the ceiling joists.

Ceiling Joists now above the ladies toilets and are now ready for levelling and blocks placed between them.

An internal view of the station building

Dave H then went on to finish the second of the shuttering boxes. These are going to be used on platform two staircase. One is for the intermediate landing support and the other for the stairs end posts. One will be reused on platform 1 as a landing support and the other enlarged to include a support for the station canopy pillars.
Next week we will move over to platform two and mark out the positions of where the boxes are going and then hopefully our digger driver will be back to clear the area and dig the two holes!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Last Post , for Now !

9th November 2016

The cold and wet start to the day may have deterred the number of volunteers that turned out at Broadway today. But 21 did attend and kept themselves busy throughout the day with plenty of the ongoing jobs around the site.

A lot of activity was as usual around the station building, below Tony and Bob anchor one of the windows to the brick work as the brick levels gains height on the south gable end of the station.

All windows have now been installed in the station walls and from the viewing platform this is now the view of the building.

Elsewhere, on the car park side, John S continues the brick laying where the kitchen and cafe will be. The previous weeks installation of the ceiling joists required additional block work  to be installed on the north wall to bring it level with the outside wall .

The ever adaptable Peter Q (now a blocklayer!) and Keith, the cement mixer and deliverer for the day, are seen checking all is well with the levels. With gents toilet complete Peter later moved indoors to carry on blocklaying in the cafe area.

Brian kept up the task of cutting the bricks in half , whilst Dave waited patiently for another barrow load which was then delivered to the waiting bricklayers on the station building.

Dave H continued on the construction of the shuttering boxes for Platform 2, by the end of the day box 1 had been finished and duly modified to allow it to be dismantled a lot easier when stuck in a hole, and the 2nd box has now two completed end pieces and the long frames are ready for the installation of plywood to complete the side.

Back on the station drive

Work continued with the installation of the drive way lamps, John C and Dave B are installing the ducting and draw string for lamp number three while away from the photo Graham is on mixer duties. Lamp number three in place John went off to collect number four.

Above are the completed line of lamps with only one more to be installed on this side at a later date, in front are the piles of kerb stones and edging awaiting installation.

When the kerbing is installed outside the station building we would like it to match the granite kerbs that were there originally, these were 12 ins x 6 ins and around 4 to 6 feet long, as in the photo.

We have these plus a few others but really need more, if you know where we can obtain some please let us know. We are aware of those on Ebay.

Last week I had mentioned that we were looking for a volunteer to put the signal box gate post in, here was just the man (with the help of Peter K) .

Jo and Peter having erected and concreted in the right hand post, Jo then decided to have a trial fit of the whole gate, (just to check levels). Spear fencing will at a later date be installed to match the gates on either side of the posts.

And finally to the title of the blog, after many months the installation of the fencing above the east cutting draws to a close. Today the team led by Rod and Terry with Vic, Pat and Steve pushed towards the end. The right hand picture shows Terry filling the last hole whilst Pat holds it vertically , Vic`s fence in the distance shows the finishing line.

All that is remaining to do now is fix the palisades on the last three panels and the jobs a good 'un .

                                                  Rod, Terry and Pat and " The Last Post "

   For now!!!!!