Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Start of the Next

Monday 16th April


What a great long weekend! Trains and platforms full of passengers enjoying their first visit to the now functioning Broadway Station. Limited parking meant no access to the Station for cars, apart from those with passes. Visitors to the Railway travelled on the double decker bus from Broadway Village which took them up to the Station front door.

Working Days

Our working days are now confined to Fridays and Mondays when trains are not running. So on Friday the BAG crew dug a hole at the north end of the Station building, where eventually, the gate posts will be installed and today, the first job was to partially fill the hole with concrete. They then prepared the area for slabbing.


Further installation of ceiling boards were completed so this is now ready for the plasterer to coat on Thursday.


Vic was busy down at the northern end of Platform 1 where he was planting a horticultural display. The edging was donated a few years ago by BAG stalwart Steve who no longer required them so they have been gratefully recycled.

Hopefully in a few weeks time it will be full of colour.

The White Line

The two Mike's were painting today. The white line needed a bit of refurbishment after all the visitors.

Hopefully people will keep their feet off it in future!!

They then painted all the lamp posts with a top coat of paint.

Disabled Toilet and Tearoom/Kitchen

Work was going on in both areas. Sorting out a problem in the D T and in the Tearoom electrical apparatus was being installed.


Thursday, 29 March 2018

The End of an Era

Wednesday 28th March 2018

This day became the last working Wednesday for BAG. From now on train services will be running on Wednesdays so for a while Mondays & Fridays will be the irregular working days until the outstanding jobs are completed. Many of the 40 or so BAG members will continue to volunteer for the GWSR in various departments, according to preference & needs of the departments. We are a happy group who have enjoyed working alongside folk from all walks of life. We hope that it won't be too long before we are called back to further develop the Broadway site, when funds become available.
For my little survey 20 members responded. Their average age : 69.75yrs. Their occupations, as one could have guessed, were very varied : 8 white collar, 12 blue collar - is that politically correct? no! Well amongst those 20 there is 1 school teacher, 1 civil servant, 1 prison officer, 1 professional painter, 3 from the insurance world, 5 professional engineers & only 1 builder!

Monday recap:
Monday's weather was glorious and enabled repainting of the white line along the edge of platform 1, continuation of slab laying to the North side of the station building plus erection of signage posts behind the parking bays. Peter Q, Clive & Paul virtually completed the re-erection of the sales shed.

                       Graham busy with the white line, assisted by Mike S & Tony.

Rod with the petrol driven auger, assisted by Keith & Ron preparing holes for the sign posts.
With special mortar supplied by Keith, Terry & Bob get on with the slab laying.

Wednesday's weather could have been a lot kinder as a send off for the 24 volunteers who signed in. Awful conditions prevailed through the morning & it was only after lunch break that the welcome sun & some warmth

An early delivery of cement & pea gravel from Richard of Fairview.

 Mike T & Mike S kept busy in the dry, touching up around the building, where necessary. Here we see Mike S with a steady hand on the crowd barrier posts.
The weather has improved and Rod & Ron are further down the driveway now, preparing another hole for another sign !
                     Yes Keith, that's where you should be, helping Peter K with that post hole.
                                                   No lads, that one isn't for moving !
Peter Q finishing off the facia panels on the shed for Julie's shop. It is not intended for this to be a permanent feature on platform 1, as long term the shop will be sited within a station building.      
Stevie W chatting with Chris after setting in place the barrow crossing at the North end of the platforms. He had been assisted by a group of permanent way volunteers who were also employed in tidying ballast off the sleepers.                                                                                                               

Signs of the times! There a lot of signs going up the driveway as well. I could easily join the group of "whingers".                                                                                                                                            

Well that's all folks, from me. Hope to see you at the Opening Day, Good Friday or Easter Weekend. 

Paul Carter                                                                                                                                          

Monday, 26 March 2018


Monday 26th March

Just a quick progress on the activities of today.


Telephone Box


Parking Notices

Bric-a-Brac Shed



Saturday, 24 March 2018

BAG's Back

Thursday 22nd March

Yes the BAG had their holiday and were back at work.

Terry, John S, Keith S & Bob were at the front of the station north end, finishing the laying of slabs and pointing the manhole covers.

The Train Trip 

Here are some more photos of Wednesday's trip to Broadway Station taken by Libby Andrews.

Saturday 24th March

Overnight, rain had left a few puddles and damp patches underfoot, but it soon dried up as the temperature rose.

Another Slab Area

Bob, Keith S and Vic were the team clearing and levelling the next area to receive slabs.


Two painters were in today. Graham on white lining the platform edge and Mike S touching up the station doors.

Power Cleaning

Tony & Peter K cleaned the platform edge with a jet power spray to remove all the grime that had accumulated over time. Once this is dry, with sun predicted over the next 2 days, hopefully the areas outside of the station canopy can also receive their coat of white paint.

The Shop

Peter Q and team brought the dismantled building from its storage area and started to reassemble the base and sides. Priorities right, first though, a cuppa!

Black Board

In this photo Neal was putting up a black board for the Station Master to display his notes. (Back at school)??

The BAG Team will be back on Monday trying finish all that's required before the Opening for Public Trains on Good Friday.

Vic. (No 3 of the Blog Team)

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Time for Celebrations!

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Following on from Vic's blog, I just want to add a few more pictures of the day. 
BAG were able to book seats for the first train of the day and throughout we enjoyed glorious weather which helped show off the new station & 35006 "P&O Line" to good effect.

       We are on our way. Rod chatting with Maria, widow of our very good friend Peter
Maria managed to push through the crowds of volunteers & share holders to get this shot of 35006 at the North end , in the process of running round our train.                                                                       
After running round, 35006 is backing on to our train for the return journey.

 A good burst of steam from the cylinder drain cocks produces this effect reminiscent of a Hammer Horrors B Movie, with Peter Q loitering in the "mist".
                                       From now on, you know who you are in these pics.

Two lovebirds (& both volunteers)
Admiring the crowd barriers in the booking hall.
Our boss & his boss!

Graham, has Mike missed a bit?
 Our friends from the adjacent B&B look on as Clive shows off. Clive is on crowd control, but I think they needed to control him !

 Through the quiet moments of the day Stevie W laid, levelled & rolled scalpings on the driveway. This has much improved the appearance & provided an improved surface for our neighbours, until such time as we have the funding for tarmac .

Paul Carter