Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Solstice

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Twenty volunteers turned out to brave the extreme heat. Wednesday has officially been recorded as the hottest June day since 1976. Fortunately several tasks were completed by lunchtime, or soon after, with a few volunteers soldiering on into the afternoon.

John S & Bob W carried on with the first row of corbelling on the platform side of the building, having completed the driveway side on Monday.
Here you see them pointing up, before the mortar dries too much.

Keith & Rod keep the bricklayers supplied.

Expertly fitted in between numerous cups of tea, Paul is trimming some edging slabs in readiness for laying on the newly extended platform slopes at the northern end. The laying of the slabs is scheduled for next Wednesday.

Back on the scaffolding:
Brian T is cutting off the ends of bolts which hold the noggins to the face of the canopy.

Painters, Graham, Brian M & Mike are busy with undercoat. By the end of play a complete coating had been applied to the platform side of the framework. Next week, it is planned to make a start on the second coat of undercoat.

                                Here you are Mike, the pic you wanted posting on the blog.

John C has started to build up the live chimney beyond roof height.
Vic mows the lawns whilst Julie sets up her shop front. Quite a busy day for the shop, I'm told.

Rod assisted by Vic sets in more edging pieces in concrete under the spear fencing, southern end of platform 1.

The concrete mixers:  Keith seems pleased to have Ian help him. Ian gets the award for most appropriate head gear for this weather. He is masquerading as either an escapee from the foreign legion or as a famous 'awrence.

David H is busy disconnecting electrics etc. from the telephone box, in readiness for it's re-siting on the platform side of the spear fencing.

John C was asked to widen the second hole on platform 2. Once this is squared up & cleaned out of loose soil, shuttering can be placed in ready for a concrete pour. He is seen with John B discussing how much to remove.  Rod is checking depths & distances with the shuttering in hole no.1.
The concrete bases will support the footbridge stairs on platform 2. Soon this exercise will be repeated on platform 1.

               Clive is assisted by Ian ('awrence") with priming the many dagger boards.

The carpentry team: Peter Q assisted by David H & Brian T is chamfering a 6"x2" beam, which will find a home on the ridge of the station building roof.

A view of the station building from under the footbridge showing the completed days painting after the painters have retired but with the carpenters still active up there.

Finally, that "Special Delivery" didn't turn up! Perhaps it was just a little too hot to work in the Sucksmith Bakery ?

Thanks for viewing

Paul Carter

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sun & Fun

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Twenty volunteers signed in today and we were blessed with a full day of sun & high temperatures.

Before Wednesday's work is covered I would like to make a brief mention of Monday 12th. An encouraging number turned up for a very productive Monday. 10 volunteers signed in & we were joined by Neal & Ian from Loco dept., who continued with drilling on the station canopy steelwork.
BAG would like to say a big thank you to Allan Miller (GWSR director and P/way). Allan brought along a telehandler & moved approx. 300 3'x2' paving slabs from the trackbed at the southern end to a temporary resting place on top of platform 1, just north of the foot bridge. This was another important step in clearing the trackbed ready for when P/way arrive.

Allan and telehandler collecting another pallet from the southern end of the trackbed (photo RW)
Everything seemed to run very smoothly on Wednesday. Bob W & John S were the only two bricklayers on the station building. By the end of the day they had completed about ¾ of the final course of corbelling on the driveway side.

Bob laying a "Bullnose" & yes John it's another "Bullnose"
                                    David is collecting "commons" for use in backing the last row of corbels.

Peter Q had prepared himself for Wednesday's production of "noggins" by building, on Monday, a lightweight bench which was winched up to the scaffolding platform. Brian T assisted Peter in the noggin production. The noggins will support lengths of 6"x2", on the face of the canopy, which in turn will hold the dagger boards.

 Peter at his new bench toiling away & below, Brian under the canopy steelwork shifting some roofing sheets.

 Also up on the building, our industrious painters Graham & Mike were sticking to their never ending job, putting more coats on the roof & canopy steelwork.
 Graham applying a second undercoat to some areas & below, Mike appling a primer coat to others.

David H continued with the re-locating of our CCTV equipment & it's associated cable work. He is seen on platform 2 under the footbridge.

Clive is getting closer to finishing his corbelling work on the extended platform slopes at the northern end. He is seen working on the 2nd row on the slope of platform 2, with Tony backing up.

Pat was using the brush-cutter behind platform 1, in an attempt to keep mother nature at bay.

Mid morning we received another delivery of roofing panels (more preparation & painting for Graham & Mike plus a team, soon!).

During the morning, the very northern end of the site Terry & Rod attached 3 strengthening brackets to the recently erected security fencing. They hope to fit 3 more along this area of the fence in the near future. A previous blog has mentioned the fence being "attacked" & slightly damaged by a deer; the poor deer not expecting a fence across his/her usual route. The brackets are bolted to the fence & then set in the ground with postcrete.
Rod's pic. of Terry adding a little water to the postcrete.

In the afternoon their attention turned to the southern end of the site, where they continued with
 laying more edging, to the rear of platform 1, under the new speer fencing.   
We must not forget Ray, who travels from Lichfield to join us. He slaved all day, in the relative cool under the pine trees, painting top coat on the speer fencing behind platform 1.

Finally, thanks to Julie & Steve for receiving several casual visitors & for running the shop.
A good time was had by All.

Thanks for looking.

Paul C

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Painters to the Fore

Wednesday 7th June

One of the first jobs on this pleasant morning was the removal of the main gate into the site and it's posts. Dave and Tony having removed the gate act as banksmen while John C lifts the post complete with it's concrete collar. The gate has been removed prior to commencing to filling the platform 1 gap. The site will be closed off by the Heras fencing at the end of each shift.  


On the station building Bob W tries out his new toy toolbox which is complete with a seat and wheels whilst continuing with the corbelling.


Peter Q and Brian carry on the daggerboard production. Later on a large quantity of timber for the roof which had been delivered had to be carried in and stacked, so they will have a change of scenery up on the scaffolding soon.  


Dave H spent most of the day upgrading and repositioning the security cameras. Adding an extra camera and attaching them on the footbridge.


Clive having finished the extended slope at north end of platform 1 continues on platform 2. Hopefully these will be finished and have the edging slabs fitted by the end of June.


After all the rain and sunshine Pat decided the brushcutter needed an outing to tidy up platform 2 near the signal box. behind him are the stacked signalling troughs waiting for later installation.


David waiting for Terry to fill the barrow with concrete to fill in the last holes of the previously fitted spear fencing.


Terry then started laying the new back edging slabs in front of the newly installed spear fencing. This is required because, as you may remember, we had to step in the spear fencing owing to the proximity to the top edge of the embankment.


This shot, later in the day, shows the edging following the line of the fence as it narrows at the end of the platform and drops down the slope. The fence now continues on to the pillaster of the Station road bridge as added security to the station site. 


Now for the painter's part in the day's proceedings. Ray and Steve B, round the back, carry on with the painting of the spear fencing. By the end of the day all the fencing erected had been primed and had a coat of light stone undercoat. 

Up on the scaffolding Graham and his team had started on the undercoating of the canopy steelwork. Although there is a lot of drilling and rivetting still to do there is a lot of steel that could be painted and with two undercoats and a gloss to do it was decided to crack on. The chippies are itching to start adding the woodwork.


With Mike hiding amongst the lattice work this gives you an idea of the size of the painter's task.
John C in the background, after demolishing the gate, carries on with some corbelling.


From the station forecourt side you can see Dave B and Mike working on the ridge purlin. In the foreground the dummy chimney is beginning to rise through the steelwork. The live chimney for the cafe is just out of shot and more advanced than this one.

At the end of the day and ten litres of paint later all that could be undercoated, on the forecourt side of the roof, had been. A good days work.

As always the shop was open and we seemed to have a goodly amount of visitors today, which is always nice for us when people show their interest in the project. We always try to acknowledge our visitors but with masses to do and time getting shorter we might not have too much time too chat.

Posted Rod W