Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Different Venue

Saturday 9th December 2017

It was a cold day for the gang as they turned up to work, not so much manual labour, but working the jaw! (Haw, Haw!).
It was a different venue for the BAG team today, some even brought along their better halves. (Sorry fellows had my arms twisted).

We were at The Broadway Hotel in the village of Broadway.

We were here last year so this was our second visit to the hotel for our annual Christmas Lunch. The choice was two or three courses, depending on how much one could feast. Traditional turkey and stuffing followed by plum pudding for afters. Alternatives were available for those who wanted to wait for Christmas Day to have their festive meal.

The Gathering

The Long Table

One end.

from the other end.

The Head Table

Is there a Bride & Groom.
Whoops wrong venue!!!!

Watch what you do with your finger!

The Small Round Table

The Larger Round Table

Where is King Arthur. Are these his knights??

The Flower Ladies

Here are Edna and Julie having been presented with a thank you bunch of flowers by Tony our Chairman in appreciation for all their hard work in raising funds through the Bric-a-Brac shop.

There was also a very warm welcome to Bill Britton and his wife. Bill being a past Chairman of Broadway Area Group. Also our past GWSR Plc Chairman, Alan Bilbey, was dining with us and said a short piece on how privileged it was to see the progress made on Broadway Station.

Blast from the Past

Bricks Part 2

Here are some more photos of bricks at Broadway Station and from where they came.

This first shows John B and Robin cleaning bricks that came from Coleford in 2013.

The next three photos show the Mythe bricks from Tewkesbury, which was part of the railway line that ran from Ashchurch to Malvern. The recovery was made in the years 2013 & 2014.

Picture 1 the bricks before demolition. Picture 2 unsuitable bricks used as filler material. Picture 3
the Cotswold Stone used for wall building.

In 2014 a large team of BAG members went to Avonmouth Docks where they demolished an old turntable pit. Picture 1 shows part of the

wall and underneath the rubble were even more blue bricks. The 2nd picture shows the bricks all bagged waiting for transportation to Broadway.

Finally, the last lorry load of bricks arrived from "Crossrail" in London in November 2014.

So that is our brick story with thanks to all who helped. The next stage is where did they all go??

Vic -  The Garden Gnome

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wednesday 6th December 2017

It was a very mild dry day with light winds. This was all before the predicted storm Caroline which was due arrive in the UK that evening. There were 25 volunteers on site today on a variety of jobs.

Bridge 2

This 'footbridge', installed last Monday, proved very helpful when wheeling a barrow from one platform to the other. It is an unofficial barrow crossing and will be replaced by an official crossing  once ballast has been dropped onto the track.

Heras Fence

The Heras Fence along the proposed car park area had been pulled over thus blocking the permissive footpath most popular with dog walkers from the caravan park. Chris and Vic took the project on, to re-erect the fence and then add supports in the hope that this wouldn't happen again. Building services had left some wooden stakes for that purpose, but because the ground here is full of rubble and very hard to penetrate, that idea had to be abandoned. The decision was taken to erect fence panels in a triangular formation attached to the main fence to add weight and give support, hopefully preventing its instability.


I mentioned in last Saturday's blog that Neal was working on a door. Well here it is fitted! There was also another door in the next room - not idle this fellow!!

Canopy Footings

Here Neal and John Balderstone, our bridge engineer, are measuring and marking out the footings for the eventual fitting of a canopy extension to the roof and the footbridge steps.

Station Building

John S was up in the roof area fitting more boards.

The two plasterers were in the Entrance Hall fitting wall boards, whilst in this second picture the Ticket Office is finished.

In the Tea Room our carpenters Peter, Brian T and Dave H were fitting battons to the wall.


On the outside of the Station Building the three (Musketeers) painters were giving the windows another coat. In this picture is Mike and Graham, whilst Mike S is around the front.



The base for the telephone box had been started on Monday with the laying out of the boards, so today the concrete was barrowed in with Bob and Clive levelling it out.

Mixing Teams

The mixing team started off with Rod and Terry, they were then superseded by Paul, Keith and Dave as Rod and Terry were engaged with erecting a lamp post.
Here John C with the mini digger places the lamp post in the prepared hole in the ground.


Gordon and Keith are preparing the line for the final kerb laying, marking out with coloured paint for guidance. In the background the concrete base has been finished and once set the Telephone Box can be moved down. A wall of blue bricks is to be built around the base.

Other members on site but not photographed were Brian M on the embankment clearance, Tony and Dave B organising the work teams. At the morning tea break Alan Miller came to communicate the latest arrangements for Broadway Station.


Thursday, 30 November 2017

More of the Same on a Cold Day

29th November 2017

It was a dress up warm day for the 23 hardy volunteers that turned up today, for the wind that usually blows across the fields from the south was in complete reverse and blowing down the track bed from the north, but a pleasant enough day though, especially for those with the heavy manual jobs.

On the Drive

Last week saw the removal of the hut and in its place was appearing a coach pull in area.

Steve and his trusty JCB had previously cleared an area, then filled it with spent ballast then spread type 1 onto that and levelled roughly.

Using a mini roller it was flattened and by the end of the morning it was being used as an area to park a few cars.
Later Steve used the same roller to re flatten platform 1.

On the other side of the drive it was the team of Rod and Terry. With help of others they were laying  the edging slabs following the line of the fence towards the station building.

The horizontals on the fence were being attached by Vic and Steve.

Higher up the drive a hole was extended to try and find the underground power feeding the nearby houses. Later this week the power company will connect the station building to this feed .

Its down there somewhere!!

At the Station Building

Dave H and Brian were making new window beading, several pieces have been lost since the fitting of the windows and having sourced the right size and shape they were then cut to length and new bevels cut to match the existing.

Brian measuring the new beading.

Elsewhere Graham and the two Mikes were second and maybe third coating the window frames.

This is nearly the finished article in one of the toilets.
Up in the roof space John S and Peter Q had started the installation and boarding of the station building.

Peter all ready 
Not much room below the roof,  the layer of insulation had to be a certain thickness to comply with building regulations. To get the correct thickness an additional joist had to be inserted as seen in the second photo.

Not an easy job, especially for those with dodgy knees and bad backs!

The early part of the day saw the erecting of the trestles and boards in the booking hall ready for when the plasterers make a start on it on Saturday followed by the store room and the booking office. Cafe and Kitchen areas will be left to the New Year.

And finally a picture of what will be the Ladies toilets after the trestles had been removed now just waiting for the final skimming of plaster.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Bye Bye Shed !

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

It blew and blew all day but at least the rain that was forecast kept away, so most of the outside jobs could be carried on with.
We saw 22 windswept volunteers arrive today mostly with one mission in mind plus the usual ongoing jobs on the drive and around the Station building.

The main job of the day was the dismantling and the removal of the Broadway shed. A small gang started the task of hunt the screws which held the thing together. Some obvious and some hidden and some stubborn.

Clive on the screwdriver drill releasing as many screws he could find.
Dave and Ray prizing out a stubborn screw
Outside Pete and Steve were lifting the roofing felt looking for the screws which held the roof down.

After not long and with the help of others all that was left was a pile of panels

One by one they were taken away to an area just off platform 1 down by the storage containers.

Slabs that surrounded the shed will be recycled, the better and suitable ones are going to be used on the platform, the others will be going into storage.

Clive on pickaxe lifting the slabs, Dave supervising, the others who knows?

Then after the slabs had gone in came the big boys with their big toys.

Steve in the JCB made it look easy breaking up the concrete slab, Adam in the dumper took away the broken slab to the rubbish pile, anything useful, like hard core, was taken over to the infilling behind platform 1. At the end of the day the mini digger was removing the last of the debris, all signs of the shed having ever been there will have been removed.

Over on the other side of the drive the team led by Rod and Terry made progress erecting the fencing and edging slabs towards the Station Building.

Vic and somebody with a new coat fixing one of the horizontals.

By the end of the day.
Fencing installed up to the  manhole and edging slabs were not far behind.

Only one painter today, Mike ( is it another man with a new coat? ) was on his own giving the window frames their first coat.

Apparently Graham was keeping a watchful eye on him via the cameras !!

Peter Q and Dave H re-fixed and re-sealed the previously removed guttering by the broken and replaced dagger boards. Dave H whilst there gave the boards a first coat of paint.

You can't see the joins 
Inside the booking hall Neal has been working on the wood work.

A line of batons have been fitted around the room and the dado rail fitted above, below the openings a shelf / counter installed. More batons below will be fitted just above floor level and eventually tongue and groove boards will cover the lower part of the walls. The openings, which are the ticket windows, will have sliding hatches that will rise behind the wooden sheets. The design copied from existing stations still with having the original layout.

Elsewhere the plaster had skimmed the first of the toilets.

And finally .
The volunteer of the week goes to

Cant see me!