Thursday, 18 May 2017

Rain Stops Play Again!

Wednesday 17th May 2017

It was one of those days, that gladly we do not get too often. After last weeks glorious day today was the complete opposite. 18 volunteers plus Julie and Steve (in the Broadway shed) ventured to Broadway station today to see what could be done in the atrocious weather. Poured down in the morning and then it poured down in the afternoon.

After last weeks container shifts on platform 1 all that was left was the gardening shed and carpenters work shed. A "small gang?" set about emptying and then dismantling the small shed, it was soon reduced to its component parts and stacked ready for removal down to Winchcombe where it has a new home.

Picture of the track bed facing north shows the shed ready for removal and the amount of rain water around. Picture taken mid morning, not a volunteer in sight.

To the north, another team started dismantling the viewing platform.

Clive and Paul on the top platform and Vic on the bottom releasing the stairs.
Its removal will allow us to carry on with the installation of the spear fencing towards the station building and below the kerb and foot fence.
But alas, there is now no means of visitors viewing what we have achieved!

By mid morning it had all gone into storage with only the stairs left .

The rain prevented any work on the station building being carried today but John C and Bob headed to the signal box to carry on with the installation of the fire place. Just a bit of titivation required now.

And that was about it, around lunchtime most volunteers were rather wet and were calling it a day, the rain had beaten us. Only Brian and Dave H stayed later sorting of a few things in the relative dryness of the containers and Julie and Steve had a few brave visitors to the bric-a-brac shed,

And Finally 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cabins On The Move

Wednesday 10th May 2017

We have a saying at Broadway  "If a jobs worth doing once its worth doing twice", this photo taken by Jo back in July 2013 shows the cabin that we use for the mess hut being installed on platform 1. Behind it no hint of a station building, no bridge, no signal box and no viewing platform. Platform 2 is not even half way.

But fast forward 4 years ,Platform 1 needs to be cleared and its on the move again, this time with the 4 other containers.Vic Haines again were the movers, first to go was the mess hut then followed by container 2.

These two eventually headed to their new and permanent home on the newly constructed concrete slab at the end of Platform 1. To the right of the container slabs had also been laid ready for the temporary positioning of the cement hut and metal storage hut.

Staying put for ever?

Throughout the day two more containers and our office were then moved onto their temporary positions on platform 2.

Below is a before and after of the northern sections of the platforms .

All that is left is the carpenters temp shelter that has the work benches in and where it's also used for storing the dagger boards etc.

Some of the 21 volunteers that attended on a beautiful sunny day made use of the good weather to crack on with the corbelling and brick laying on the station building.

This photo taken by Paul last Monday has John S pointing the first row of corbelling on the car park side, not the most easy job.

Today saw Tony, Bob, John S, Clive and Peter Q, with Paul as usual on the mix, taking advantage of the good weather.

On the right hand picture a temporary cover has been put over what is down below the cafe area. With the Mess hut on the move and now unavailable, this was the first time lunch could be taken in the Station Building cafe.

But alas no waitress service and bring your own sandwiches!

It'll do for now

The station building near the end of the day, corbelling coming on at a pace, northern end virtually complete. Vic Haines lorry bringing the cement huts to slabs on the end of platform 1.

Graham and Mike S spent the morning down at Toddington painting the roofing trusses which left only Ray at Broadway painting the spear fencing eventually they caught up with him and they too carried on painting the fencing on platform 1.
Below are 2 pictures taken by Mike S, painting with Graham down at Toddington.

Mike informs me that there are just two more to go , after these three !

Happy in his work

Terry, Rod and Martin, after laying the slabs for the huts at the end of Platform 1, returned to the bottom of the drive and placed the last 3 of the curved kerb stones.

Over the road on the embankment the soil nailers were at work with the drilling machine.
Fascinating to watch, but there is still a long way to go.

And Finally

Some of you may have noticed that the security image hasn't changed over the last couple of days, this doesn't mean that cameras are not working. The images we see from the cameras are randomly sent to the Web and Blog site. The problem is that the broadband link is down temporarily, following the container re-arrangement, and therefore it is unable to send these images off site, meanwhile the images and videos captured by the cameras are still stored and are accessible. 

And finally finally another reminder.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Getting Ready To De-Camp

Wednesday 03rd May 2017

One of the main tasks of the day was the getting ready for next weeks move of the various containers from platform 1 to the new concrete slab and to platform 2. Today we had 26 volunteers on site, weather was mainly overcast all day but pleasant enough.

Firstly Peter and Dave set about splitting off the carpenters shelter from container 1, the picture below shows the shelter without the joining roof. Eventually container 1, which stores our fixings and everyday items, will head over to platform 2 and the shelter with its work benches, at a later date, will probably follow. Our little shelter has kept us dry and seen many jobs started and completed, in the right hand corner on the racking is the latest . Stored here are about a quarter of the station
canopy daggerboards ready to be knotted , primed and undercoated.

The shelter is built round a lamp post so quite a bit of dismantling will be required. The lamp is one of the earlier too tall commercial versions. This too has to be extracted and replaced by our new shorter station version.

Afterwards Pete, Brian, Dave and Chris had a sort out of the contents of container 1, useful items were then boxed and secured, everything inside has been made ready for the move. Then onto sorting out container 2.

On the station building corbelling was moving on at a pace.

John C had completed 2 of the corners at the north of the station, whilst Bob, Tony and John S pressed on with the first row on the platform side plus the backing bricks.
Keith S supplied the cement, and Ron and Dave kept up a steady supply of bricks.

Down on the drive Terry and his team finished clearing the area around bottom manhole, this allowed the further fitting of the Kerbstones,

Mean while further up the path Vic straightened the rings supporting the lamp electrical man holes and later, seen behind, removed the shuttering around the drainage manholes.

Elsewhere on the drive David B and Gordon were seen in a hole.

The duct for the power inlet to the station building ends behind Gordon, on the left, their task was to find the existing feed that supplies the properties in area and eventually link to it. It was decided it would be safer, but not necessarily easier, to hand dig to find it, so hence the two men in a hole.

On the northern end of the platforms Clive carried on with extending the two ramps.

Platform 1 in the distance has had its first corbelling layer, whilst in the foreground the bricks are being presented. The wood behind the bricks is Clive's line showing the slope he`s working to.

Around the site "The Likely Lads" seemed to be everywhere!

First they were working on the station roof panels and next seen treating the fence at the bottom of the drive and after constructing and painting some lamps, they were then seen fitting the lamps first on platform 1 and then on platform 2.

Graham and Mike "The Likely Lads "

Elsewhere down on the embankment.

 The smoothing and clearing of the embankment getting ready for the soil nailers was proceeding at a pace.

The ground at the bottom of the slope has been leveled and the embankment has had its vegetation removed and is now in the final stages of being smoothed out.

Elsewhere around the site , Brian was removing rust and then treating the newly made spear fencing. Ian was giving the excess vegetation a good strimming, and Steve B had a steady stream of visitors to the Broadway Goods shed.

And Finally 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Progress on many fronts

Wednesday 26th April

A bit of a change in the weather from what we've been used to in recent weeks. Lately we've had some reasonably warm April sunshine but today, a cool wind from the north and occasional showers of hail and rain but despite this 18 of us dug out the thermals and turned up for work.

What we've been up to while you were away.

On Friday last our contractors carried out the concreting of the pad, north of platform one, where two of the containers will sit in the near future to give a facility for future maintenance staff.

When the concrete has set sufficiently a small retaining wall will be built along the right hand (rear) side before the containers are lifted into position.

And then last Monday
The usual bricklaying gang started the day working on the extended platform ramps at the north end. This activity escaped the camera lens at the time but what was achieved will become apparent down further down this page.
After the ramps we returned to the station building which in the meantime had had the scaffolding raised to the next level.......

The first job was to check, with a laser level, the levels of the four corners and they were spot on (we knew they would be of course).

Then, John C could make a start on the corbelling setting up all four corners with these specially manufactured bricks using the piece of wood that was, with the best of intensions, going to have "pattern" painted on it but ended up as a "patt".

The first corbelled brick in place
On to today

In the carpenters shop, very nicely sheltered from the biting wind it must be said

Daggerboard Dave, making a welcome return after his recent trip, using a holesaw drill to cut the necessary holes in the boards with Brian, after already completing his shift, in the background and Pete Q on the left ensuring that all goes to plan with these daggerboards because they are being made in advance of the station roof being ready for them (although they are slightly over length just in case).

Footpath kerbing at the Station Road end of the drive had been held up for a few weeks waiting for some serious soil rearrangement to be carried out by the 360 digger. The kerbing gang needed to be able to lay some concrete footings so the kerbstones could laid with the correct slope. The surface had become too compacted, over time, to remove by hand and so John C had a day off from bricklaying to carry out this task.

After the digger had done its work Dave B, in the trench, and Gordon scraped out the residue and made the trench presentable for some footings to be laid. Note newly exposed drain by Dave's right leg, have we seen that before?

So Dave B, who was in charge of the operation, rounded up few people to get stuck in to some to serious concrete mixing.  "Hong Kong" Ron, David, in the background, and Peter Q, seconded from the carpenter's shop as the ones selected. Concrete mixer and necessary materials are located at the station end of the drive while the trench to be filled waits at the other end.

Which is where Peter Q duly delivered several barrow loads of the stuff. At least it was all downhill with the full ones Pete!


The likely lads of the paint dept started the day by painting all of the unpainted lamp post tops. The reason for this is twofold, one is to prepare the tops for installation on the posts and the other is to clear the containers of as much material as possible.

Following that exercise they moved on to the wooden fence running up the drive and gave it a coat of preservative.


While we all were beavering away getting the station as ready as possible others were at work elsewhere.

Busily working on the embankment side opposite the former goods shed were contractors George Law Ltd. The excavator in this view is doing some profiling to the sides but mainly, at this stage, clearing the vegetation so that the soil nailers can start marking out the positions of the soil nails

As can be seen good progress was made today. In the previous view the goods shed can just be seen and the southern boundary of the work can just be seen, The excavator worked north during the day towards Evesham Road, the stretch of embankment being worked on stops short of the road bridge.

Back to the station

Vic, our head gardener, after spending an hour or so on the kerbing decided that the weeds were showing their heads above ground level and needed dealing with, hence, the rest of the morning spent weeding.


Bob W and John S, on the trowel aided, by Tony on the mixer continued the corbelling work started on Monday, this is Bob working on the northern gable of the station building. Good progress was made due in no small part to the quality of the mortar, nothing more frustrating than finding a foreign body in the mortar when trying bed in a brick.

As can be seen corbelling at this level has its downside. Bob W lying down on the job? Its the only way to point the joints hiding under the corbelled bricks and there are hundreds more bricks to lay and point like this before we move up to the next course.

After we had corbelled ourselves out for the day Bob, Tony and John moved to the more comfortable occupation of bedding the slates over the cavity to afford it protection. The slates left over from the signal box roof were used for the job.

As mentioned earlier, the platform ramp extensions. Clive continued to build up the ramp extensions by laying the first course of bricks on top of the 9 inch concrete drainage block that were laid on Monday. This was the view in the afternoon with platform two being worked on. The other platform was done during the morning.

The view from the newly elevated scaffolding across the station building gives an idea of its size

The scaffolding work surface now extends all the way across and over the platform and lands on the trackbed at the left hand side. This should ensure that when the roof is installed it can be safely worked on all round.
As I'm sure you can imagine various suggestions have been made about alternative uses for this area including ten pin bowling, helicopter landing pad, rest and relaxation area for the volunteers. You name it we've heard it.

The railway has recently been given the sign shown in the above picture. Channel 4, the television station, are the kind donors and we have been told the sign originated from Cheltenham St James station and its patina is very noticeable. It is planned to build a waiting room on platform two at some stage so hopefully the sign will find a home there.