Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Grey Old Day

Wednesday 18th January 2017

A grey and cold morning greeted the 27 volunteers to site today, the temperature kept above the magical 4 degrees needed for the brick / block layers to do their stuff and soon the mixer was on the go.

Four groups of volunteers move on to start the various on going jobs around the site.

First to the station building

Only two block layers today, Bob seen on his knees starting a new section of blocks in what will be the cafe area, Keith and Paul have then started to rearrange the trestles and scaffolding boards to the uncompleted sections.

From the other direction, Bob is now swapping sides, more than half the room has been done now. Below under the cover of the tarpaulin are the ceiling joists, which when the block work has been completed will then be installed above.

Elsewhere Clive also was blocking, mainly in the Store room and Entrance area.

Clive laying  another block in the wall, 

Elsewhere on the station building

The area above the disabled toilet was ready to have the ceiling joists installed after the brick and block work has been raised to the correct height. To the right the ceiling joist have been lifted ready. Below, Paul and Brian pass another Joist to Dave H .

Later after much shifting and re-shifting, levelling and re-levelling , we had covered the disabled toilet and entrance area.

All the toilets areas are now covered with their ceiling joists.
Meanwhile to the North.

A large team lead by Mike, with Dave B, Dave, Ian and later Brian and Graham, commenced the preparation of the station roofing sheets.

A production line was then formed which included degreasing, etching and then when dry priming with grey paint.

The start of the line, drying in the open, Graham then applying the grey primer. Many, many more sheets to go.

Down the drive.

Rod and Terry with Vic carried on with the pavement edging at the bottom of the drive. They had a head scratching day with levels etc but by the end of the day the first edging slab was in position and next week they will ready to start the long drag up the drive.

Elsewhere around the site.

Julie and Steve maned the Broadway Goods shed, the dumper had a service, the electricians did their half yearly PAT testing on our electrical equipment and some men with folders had meetings!

Elsewhere off site.

Down at Toddington,  John C and Graham attended the erection of a marquee, which now covers the station roof metal work. This will allow our painters to carry on the preparation work in reasonable conditions. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Calm Before the Storm

Wednesday 11th January

 Just a quick catch up on Saturday, 12 volunteers were on site, some further block laying took place on the inside of the station and ceiling joists were positioned in the kitchen area. Also Peter K carried on with the production of the spear fencing for the rear of platform 1. The first photo shows some of the completed panels, they will now need protecting and painting before erection. Some of the inside scaffolding was also repositioned ready for the next session of block laying. On Monday 5 volunteers carried out further block laying.

This morning a team of four went to Toddington to carry on with the wire brushing and priming of the steelwork being produced in the loco department. Luckily although very windy it stayed dry, hopefully this work will soon be able to be done under the cover of a marquee. Brian M and Graham on the wire brushes, with Mike T doing the priming with Mike S (picture taker).

This picture shows the riveting on the trusses, it is going to look so good when assembled on the station. Don't be confused by the name board this is definitely the car park at Toddington.

Brian and Graham with the correct PPE for the job. No hard hats required for this job as they are obviously not on the Broadway construction site.

On the station building, back at Broadway, Tony and Bob are getting ready to start the days block laying. No further joists can be fitted until the blocks are all up to the required level.

Here they are sorting out the insulation prior to laying the blocks between and to the sides of the windows on the platform side.

Dave H and Peter Q are finishing off the joists in the kitchen area, under the blue hat Dave is filling in the gaps between the joists with cut blocks. 

     WHO ME!

John S meanwhile carried on with the face bricks on the forecourt side of the building.

 As the afternoon drew on all the new mortar was covered up for the expected storm and freezing weather.


Chris here doing some running repairs to one of the sets of steps which we use to give us safe access to and from the track bed. They get a lot of use and have to be moved about when vehicles have to pass by. The centre drain system means vehicles have to keep to one side or the other of the trackbed.

As always other work was taking place. More work was done in the driveway on the setting of lines and levels for the wooden fencing, although no more will be erected until the ground level is made up after the closure of platform 1 gap. Also work was started on the concreting in of the rear edging slabs for the drive pathway. 
Some work was done on the area being used for the production of the spear fencing to give the fabricator more elbow room. 
Gordon and Dave B fitted a horizontal panel between the the new palisade fencing on the main road and the head wall of a ditch which takes the water from the centre drains under the road into a large drainage ditch. This was necessary to prevent anyone unwittingly stepping into the gap if they strayed off the pavement.
The last job was to make sure that all things loose and material covers were secure against the forthcoming weather. 

Posted by Rod W, additional photos Mike S

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Taking Opportunities

Wednesday 4th January

When the early birds of the 23 volunteers on site today arrived the temperature was already above 6c. As it was to be the mildest day of the week there was an early rush to get the mortar mixed and the bricklayers started, so that they could get in a good day before the big cover up for the expected frost later. Keith S tends the mixer, Paul is already delivering the first mix.  


Later on another mix is about to be delivered, initially a black dyed mix needs to be done for the facing bricks followed by normal colour for the blockwork. 


It was great to see the brickies able to get on, Tony seen here on the infill between the windows and doors of the booking office platform side.  

John S is working on the station forecourt side, as you can see the levels are steadily rising to the point where more of the lintels and arches can be set.

Here who put that bucket there? While the brickwork went on outside Peter Q assisted by Dave continued with the blockwork inside.


Peter cracks on with the blocklaying and by the end of play had reached a level where more ceiling joists can be positioned, hopefully next week.

 Today we also had the opportunity to finish the palisade fencing on the Broadway side of the drive, an awkward size gap of just over to panels was left to finish. To save having one panel two palisades wide it was decided to have three shorter ones. This meant three pairs of horizontal rails had to be cut and the mounting slots recut.
Dave and Mike set to on this task.

By mid morning the rails had been fitted and all the palisades attached, Mike just finishing attaching the palisades. Chris is finishing the tightening and shearing off of the anti tamper nuts.

With the palisade fence completed the fencing team went back to the wooden fencing on the other  side of the drive. Rod, Mike and Terry attaching the rails to posts erected last week. The team, assisted by Dave B, went on to erect more intermediate posts and rails. 

By the end of the day this was the drive looking towards Station Road, about threequarters of the fence is now completed. Not much more of it can be erected until the gap in the platform is infilled and the ground level raised, the faintly seen line is at the finished ground level. 

As always other work was taking place, Ian spent most of the day strimming trying valiantly to keep the site as tidy as possible. Dave and Keith spent some time sorting and restacking the detail bricks, some being stored on platform 2 for when we eventually have the funds to build the waiting room.
An important milestone today was a small party going to Toddington to start on cleaning down and priming the steelwork being produced there for the station canopy, Graham assisted by Mike, Mike S and Brian have plenty to do for the next few weeks.
Finally Julie and Steve manned the all important Goods Shed.

Posted by Rod W additional photos Paul C.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Last One of the Year

Wednesday 28th December 2016

Ten volunteers decided it was a good idea to work off a bit of the Christmas excess. The forecast had been freezing fog, luckily at Broadway the fog didn't materialise. Unfortunately with a frosty start and temperature not getting above three all day no brick or block laying could take place. It was decided to have a party carry on with the clearance of the trackbed north of the station. Peter Q, Dave and Tony loading the dumper with the wooden steps salvaged from the old footbridge staircase and taking them to be stored near the the footbridge on platform 2.


 Another group carried on with the pallisade fence down on the main road. Terry is using the augur to prepare the hole for the last post, while Keith S is removing some soil and stone from behind the post supporting the guard rails on the bridge wing wall. This will allow the post to be moved slightly to give clearance so the horizontal rails can be fitted.


Whilst tightening some of the security bolts on the pallisades, I had a feeling of being watched. The others having moved all the steps had come down to see what we were up to.
They then went on to move a large quantity of bricks and blocks onto the scaffolding, at the station building, so that work on laying could continue as soon as the weather allows.


By lunchtime work on this fence had been completed including some brackets made by Pat to enable a pallisade to be fitted on the end. This was to take up the gap caused by the sloping of the wing wall. After dinner the fencers moved back to the wooden fence in the drive and erected five intermediate posts.

The sales shed was bravely, in this cold, manned by Edna and during the day we had lots of interested visitors.
With the light failing and temperature dropping rapidly it was decided to pack up for the day. After putting the kit away we were walking back to the mess hut and I noticed the sun was just about to appear under the centre span of the footbridge. 

Can I finish with a little correction for a couple of our blog comment writers, whilst Jo does an excellent job on the Extension and Hailes Halt blogs he has had no input to this blog for many months. Since the station blog was renamed it has been written by a group of the Broadway volunteers on a rolling rota.

Finally, on behalf of all the volunteers at Broadway, I would thank all our readers for their support and wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.  

 Posted by Rod W.


Thursday, 22 December 2016

Winter Solstice

                                                         Wednesday 21st December

The shortest day of the year & quite a pleasant one until light rain came in at about 14.45hrs.
Just 17 volunteers signed in today; 17 avoiding Christmas preparations.

Bob W, Tony & John S were the building team for face work & Peter Q was on his own with internal block work.

         Tony filling in between windows & Keith S has just delivered another bucket of mortar.

John S is filling in the gap between door and window frames on the station drive side while at the same time building in a corbel which will help to support the canopy over the booking hall entrance, the other corbel can just be seen behind the right hand stanchion.

                           Peter Q is seen measuring up to fill the gap over a window lintel. 

Keith S is attaching a window frame tie, which will be secured by the next course of bricks, laid by Bob W.

A delivery of roof panels, for the station building, was received early in the day & many hands set to with the unloading & storage.

John C on Bobcat & Rod on dumper were involved in removing a large quantity of soil in preparation for a wider entrance to the station drive.

Stevie W arrived early afternoon with the JCB to assist in moving our cement hut. This will allow better access for excavating an area of platform 1 where a concrete base is needed for the bridge stairs supporting pier (a bit of a mouth full!)

Dave B, Terry, Pat & Martin spent the day on the arduous task of erecting palisade fencing with gate, roadside on the Evesham side of the railway bridge. I wasn't present at the end of the day's proceedings but I believe they had just one panel to erect to complete.

Jon C assisted from time to time helping to set posts to their correct height before they were set in postcrete. Here we see the second gate post being dealt with.

Well that's all for this week. A small team are planning to work next Wednesday 28th December.

It just remains for me to wish, on behalf of my fellow Broadway Volunteers, a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all our Blog Followers.
Paul C

Thursday, 15 December 2016

A Balmy Day at Broadway

Wednesday 14th December

What a difference a week makes; 26 volunteers enjoyed a sunny and warm, for the time of the year, day. Saturday was a non working day as the group enjoyed our annual Christmas Lunch, a good day was had by all. Thanks to our hosts, The Broadway Hotel and Lynda and John S for organising the lunch and raffle.
The weather today allowed the bricklayers to crack on. John C in the process of forming a window arch, a painstaking operation but the result well worth the effort.

Further down the platform side of the building Bob W is raising the wall between the windows, while Tony is working on the central part of the building. Paul has just delivered more mortar.

Looking down inside Clive is laying more blocks, this time on what will be the real chimney breast.

A picture from the other side shows Clive in the Booking Hall and where Tony and Bob are filling in the facing bricks between the windows.

Keith S concentrating on attaching the ties to the window frames that will secure them to the brickwork.

John S also bringing up the wall in the central area but on the station forecourt side.

I'll finish on the station building with two detail pictures. This one showing three of the arches completed by John C in the toilet vestibule. The main entrance arch with two of the doorways into the Ladies and Disabled toilets.

It was also time to set the plaque to commemerate the re-building of the staion.
It reads,  Broadway Station, Built GWR 1904,
Demolished 1963, Rebuilt GWSR 2018.

Some of the other work today included our painting team, here Mike is doing some snagging on the signalbox steps while Graham starts on the detail work on the lampposts and gate posts.

Who would have thought, painting outside, sat on the floor, in the sun in mid December. Graham working on the detail on one of the lamp posts.

This picture shows the detail on a lamp post and gate post. With the spear fence erected and the lantern on the post it will look great.

Another job on the signalbox was the fitting of some small drainage tubes into the sliding window channels, to stop water collecting in the bottom.

Down on the station drive work continued on the wooden fencing. First thing though we were all shovelling old ballast, about five ton of it. This was to make up the ground a little and make the conditions underfoot better for the fencers. Terry and Dave are barrowing ballast down to Vic in the background who is levelling it out.

 Later on Vic and David returned to the fitting of the horizontal rails.

Further up the drive Terry on the augur whilst Pat and Rod wait to erect the next post. These are the intermediate posts. The main posts are 3.6 mtrs apart with two intermediates spaced between them.

As always other work was going on, Brian M was cutting even more bricks. Dave B and Martin were making a start on a pallisade fence which will run from the bridge abutment to our boundary on the Evesham side of the main road.

Here Julie and Steve getting the shop ready for the Christmas sale. 

Posted by Rod W  Pictures by Paul C, John S and RW