Thursday, 16 February 2017

Rain Stops Play!

Wednesday 15th Feb. 2017

With 14th Feb out of the way, 16 volunteers at Broadway & 3 at Toddington were keen to continue with the regular tasks. The day started promisingly mild & bright, but by lunchtime showers arrived & by 2pm were just too heavy for most jobs to continue.
Perhaps if some of us had taken St. Valentine's day more seriously we would have been rewarded with a nicer day. If only one of G J Churchward's Saint class had been named "St. Valentine" the lads would take more notice of 14th Feb?

Just a picture from Monday 13th, when a small team of 7 made good progress on the station building in cool but dry & bright conditions. Here John C is pointing up after building another window arch, which involves cutting intricate shapes in the row of bricks over the arch.

Back to Wednesday, and at the start Terry, Rod & Clive help John C load 5 panels of recently built spear fencing. John took these to our Toddington marquee for cleaning & priming.
Can readers come up with a suitable caption?

Dave B & Gordon assessed the northern area of our site in readiness for clearance work. We will get a visit from Viv Haines Transport next Wednesday and they will be taking surplus materials including some unusable lampposts to Winchcombe for storage. Also, various heavy items will be moved away from this area to leave it clear for the Permanent Way department. They will take over this area and tons & tons of ballast & levelling material will soon be delivered here.

John C, John, Clive, Peter Q & Brian T worked on the station building, with Paul C supplying the muck. John C built another window arch, John S continued the chimney & chimney stack build for the waiting room, Clive continued with internal wall block work. Peter Q & Brian T were busy setting blocks between the cafeteria/bookshop area ceiling joists.

Rod & Terry soldiered on with setting more edging slabs for the driveway. Keith & David supplied them with endless barrow loads of concrete mix.
Whilst volunteers on the station building had to give up by 2pm, the driveway team battled on until nearer 3pm, & got soaked in the process.

In the cosy Toddington marquee, Mike T, Mike S & Brian primed several posts & spear fencing panels. A couple of pictures of last week's work laid out in the marquee:

Meanwhile back at Broadway
The dumper was left out in the rain during the afternoon which means someone gets a very wet backside on the journey back to base!
Paul Carter

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Oh What a Grey Day

Wednesday 8th February                                                    

17 intrepid volunteers braved this cold grey day at Broadway whilst 4 others had the relative luxury of a heated marquee at Toddington.

Building work resumed once the temperature of 5c was reached. John S, Tony & Clive continued with internal blockwork in the booking office & booking hall areas.

Bob W & John C prepared brickwork in readiness for John to build more arches over several platform facing windows. This work entailed Bob having to cut/ taper several bricks for either side of the window arches (see example in next pic.).

Keith & Brian T brought ceiling joists up and spaced them over the canteen area. David steadying the ladder for Keith. Brian seems pleased he's in the frame!


                                                                  Yoo-hoo Brian!
Our 3 dumper drivers received a visit from Tyrone of CRS Training Services. It was time for them to receive a refresher session on dumper truck safety issues & an appraisal of practical use. After the session Tyrone was suitably satisfied with the guys.

                                                        Escaping from the examiner?

Richard from Fairview delivered an urgent supply of aggregate & cement for the driveway team.
After Rod & John C had dropped more hardcore down & Terry had rolled it, Terry was able to continue with the laying of more edging slabs up the side of the driveway. With Fairview's supplies now to hand Paul C supplied Terry with barrows of concrete. Vic, meanwhile, was busy digging out a shallow trench to enable extension of the concrete footings for the edging slabs to sit on.

Peter Q prepared a box to act as shuttering around one of the manhole covers in the driveway. Later in the day you can see the shuttering in place & Rod carefully filling in with concrete around the manhole cover.

                                                                   At Toddington:
Outside the marquee some steelwork for our station canopy is laid out, already anti-corrosive primed.

Inside the marquee I found a hive of activity with Graham & Mike finishing off anti-corrosive priming & starting black painting of several panels of spear fencing. Mike S & Brian, meanwhile, had the messy task of wire brushing more panels in readiness for etch priming.

                                                             "Take me to your leader"

The weather forecast for the next few days doesn't look too promising. Let's hope it will be kind enough on Saturday.

Paul Carter

Thursday, 2 February 2017

February Already

Wednesday 1st February 2017

It was the 1st day of February, not quite yet the middle of winter, and lunch time saw several volunteers sitting outside catching the sun's rays. Not all of the 24 volunteers who turned up thought the same but as the day had started overcast and damp it was a pleasant surprise. It must be a  "First for the First"

To the Station Building

Bob, Tony and John S were the blocklayers for the day, cement mix was duly supplied by Paul.

After a short discussion Bob and Tony commenced block in the cafe area and John in the store room and Booking Office area. The aim was to finish the blocks to a height so that next week the ceiling joists could be installed above the cafe.

Finish of the day saw all the block work to the required height , next week ceiling joists installation weather permitting.

Looking towards the north end of the cafe and the fireplace.

Elsewhere on the station building Peter Q and Dave H were blocking and bricking between the ceiling joists around the entrances to the toilets.

Peter preparing the area for blocking and bricking.

Pete again, squeezing between the joists, inserting blocks and then a row of bricks. Below, out of sight, Dave H is cementing the parts that Peter can't reach.

On the track bed

Over the coming weeks the track bed to the north of the station has to be cleared, the area has, until recently, been used as a storage and dumping ground. Later this area will handed over to P/way and they will start to bring in the track bed ballast .

One of the items stored here were the platform copping slabs, these needed to be moved towards the platform gap.

With the help of Richard and his Fairview lorry these were duly moved south nearer the platform gap. Behind Dave B, to the south, as far as the dumper shed, all needs to be cleared and still more to the north of this view.

On the Drive

Rod and Terry, having done what they could on trackbed clearance, then moved on to the drive edging slabs. Vic had earlier started earlier on this tamping a line of mix ready for the slabs.

Mix supplied by Keith and assisted by Dave.

Terry on his knees fixes another edging slab, the line of slabs behind shows the extent of what has been done so far. Earlier they had filled and rolled to even out the level by the slabs.

At Toddington

Graham, Brian and the two Mikes continued the preparation and painting of the station canopy and spear fencing , Two pictures below show the extent of their efforts to date.

Elsewhere around the site Chris inspected the platform walls and copping slabs, some parts now need some slight attention having been exposed to the elements now for a few years without any maintenance.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

A "Hole" Lotta Trouble

Wednesday 25th January 2017

A cold but sunny morning greeted the 24 volunteers who turned out today, the temperature failed to rise much from the frosty start of the day so on the station building no brick or block laying was attempted. Volunteers then fell back on to the previously started jobs around the site.

One of the main exercises was to excavate the two holes for the foundations of the bridge stairs on platform 2. These had been started on the previous Saturday. The left hand hole shows the remains of the staircase upright and its concrete foundation, this proved to be a large time and energy problem. It was to heavy and out of reach for our mini digger to be extract in one piece. So it was left to Bob, Tony and John S to have turns in breaking it down to a manageable size.

This was their third day attacking the concrete "lump" but eventually the concrete had been chipped away from the steel work making it a reasonable size to be removed and the hole was able then be cleared again by John C in the mini digger and Tony on the dumper.

The hole was finally cleared of the created concrete rubble and as this hole has to be deeper than the intermediate foundation more digging was required only to reveal another sizable lump!

Out came the demolition hammer again and after a few hours this slab two had been reduced to sizable rubble and then removed.

Back at the left hand hole Peter Q and Dave H, with help from many others installed the shuttering box for the intermediate stairs support.

Left hand box in, further depth required on the right hand hole.

No block or bricklaying on the station today but it didn't stop Peter Q and Keith cutting the blocks to go in between the previously installed joists and cutting and getting the blocks ready for use, when the weather is more forgiving, in the cafe booking hall areas.

Keith and Peter measuring and cutting.

Also in preparation for another day, Dave H and Brian cut down the ceiling joists, which will be installed in the cafe when the block work reaches the required height.

Pile of joist on left finished, pile of joist on floor still to do!

Back on the drive.

Rod, Terry, Vic, Pat and Paul continued the laying of the edging slabs .

Onwards up the drive the edging slabs go, the corner by the pavement has been filled and tamped.

After last week, when there was a large army of volunteers working on the roofing panels production line!, here is Mike now working on his own. Eventually Dave came to help and keep him company. It just shows how fickle volunteering is .